About Arne B. Corneliussen AS

Arne B.Corneliussen AS or ABC as we like to call ourselves, was founded in 1949. From a modest start as a one-man business, the company is today a leading supplier to the Norwegian food industry, with emphasis on the meat and fish processing industries. ABC has 32 employees covering administration, sales, ordering, stock and production. Our product range is natural and artificial casings, spices and flavourings, additives and various types of packaging for the food industry.

In 1995 the Danish company DAT-Schaub acquired ABC. The DAT-Schaub Grop consists of several companies which manufacture and sell hog casings, sheep casings, other natural casings, artificial casings, packaging, ingredients and additives. DAT-Schaub is a world leader in natural casings and sells more than 20 million sets of Danish hog casings. In addition to Norway the DAT-Schaub Group comprises of companies in Denmark, France, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Estonia, China and USA with a total of more than 2000 employees.


ABC’s vision and target is to be market leader in the meat and fish processing industries. This goal is to be achieved through the best product quality, best agencies, competence of our staff and focus on our customers.

ABC is certified according to ISO 22000 quality assurance and achieves its results through close partnership with both suppliers and customers.